ASP.NET Core: Evolution or Revolution?

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The question is: “Microsoft ASP.NET vNext: evolution or revolution?“, the absolute answer is revolution.

Back in 1996, Microsoft proposed a technology — Active Server Pages (ASP) for creating web applications. The basic idea of an ASP application was something like this: a web page on a server contained some VBScript or JScript server-side scripts, and when the page was requested the scripts were launched and executed, followed by the generation of HTML. It was a big step forward when compared to CGI.

ASP.NET Core is great redesign of classic ASP.NET. It’s open source and cross-platform framework for building internet connected applications (web, cloud, IoT, mobile backend, etc). It can run on .NET Core or on full .NET Framework. It’s also modular so it introduces minimal overhead as you can take only components you really need.

ASP.NET Core is a very flexible platform that follows modern patterns, like dependency injection. This way it can be easily adjusted to various scenarios.

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