Deploying a Certificate for Encrypted Connection SQL Server

Setting Up the Certificate Snap-in in MMC

Figure 1: Add or Remove Snap-in
Figure 2: User Computer Account
Figure 3: Manage Local Computer
Figure 4: Selected Snap-ins — Certificate
Figure 5: Request New Certificate

Enrolling a Certificate

Figure 6: Certificate Enrollment Wizard
Figure 7: Certificate Enrollment Policy
Figure 8: Certificate Type
Figure 9: Certificate Enrolled
Figure 10: The Certificate Details

Configuring SQL Server

  • Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager and navigate SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for MS SQL Server.
  • Right-click on this item and select Properties from the drop-down menu (Figure 11):
Figure 11: SQL Server Protocols
  • In the Properties window, select the Certificate tab. If you have done the certificate enrollment correctly, you should see it listed in the drop-down menu labeled Certificate (Figure 12). By doing this, we associate this certificate with the SQL Server instance. Note that we can also see the certificate details in SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Figure 12: Associate Certificate with SQL Server
  • Once we are done applying the valid certificate, we go over the Flags tab and set the Force Encryption flag to YES. It ensures that all connections to SQL Server are encrypted.
Figure 13: Force Encryption
Figure 14: Using Network Monitor




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